how to make home made lean

How Do Rappers Get Lean?

    Many rap fans email us about a variety of things. The most recent question asks “How Do Rappers Get Lean“?   Not lean as in physically lean but Lean ...
entertainment booking agency

College Entertainment Agencies

          College Entertainment Agencies play a vital role in bringing a variety of entertainment to colleges around the world. Just like there are entertainment ...

Jay Z: The Hustler’s Hymn | Noisy Images

A break down on Jay-Z on his hustling past to the mega icon he is today. Presented and put together by Noisy Images.
why black people love hennessy

Why Do Rappers Drink Hennessy

      There’s a lot of confusion as to why rappers drink Hennesy. The cognac has been rapped about in many songs and is also mentioned as the top choice of alcohol ...
lecrae gosel rap artist

Best Christian Rappers

  This post is dedicated to shouting out the Best Christian Rappers. The best Christian Rappers list was an idea I came up with because not enough of them get props for rapping ...
rappers who didn't go to college

Rappers Who Went To College or University

      There are several rappers who went to college. Some of them dropped out but even more graduated. There is this common perception that rap artists are not too intelligent, ...
late bloomer rapper

When Do Rappers Start Rapping?

    We’re often asked by inquiring minds “When Do Rappers Start Rapping?”. This question is asked mostly by artists who are in their late 20’s to ...
muslim rappers

Rappers That Are Muslim

    Since the early 90’s hip-hop fans have seen some indication of rapper’s that are Muslim. And as rap music progresses in age and continues to be the most dominant ...
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