Lil Yachty Clashes With Joe Budden In Interview

lil yatchy joe budden interview


On May 2, 2017 rap super-star Lil’ Yachty was in the Complex building to be interviewed by Joe Budden and Youtube hip-hop commentator Dj Akademiks. The duo has a show called “Every Day Struggle” which is garnishing attention from rap fans across the globe.


In the interview, Lil’ Yachty is calm, respectful, and articulates himself very well. He answered all the questions to the best of his ability and was seen as very mature for his age. Joe Budden on the other hand was constantly yelling and claiming that Yachty was bullshitting on just about everything he said. Joe seems bitter and angry as an older head in hip-hop. Budden was yelling so much that at one pointYachty has to tell him “Yo my nigga…chiiill.” LOL



Minus all the screaming from Joe Budden it was an okay interview. It gave people more insight into what Lil Yatchy stands for and what he wants to accomplish as a rapper and businessman. I think that older and washed up rapper like Joe Budden will never understand where these young new rappers are coming from with the music that they make.


It has always been like that with rap music. But what old heads need to understand is that this generation of rap music is lead by the youth and it’s not going to change anytime soon.


Yes we should encourage new rappers to know their history on the legends who paved the way for them, but also give them time to consume that information. We shouldn’t expect them to know it all at once. We should also respect the type of music they make because it is needed. It makes them as well as others feel good.


We need that in rap music in order for it to continue to touch the lives of others. Feel good music outsells “gangta” rap in this day and age, so it’s actually because of music like Lil’ Yatchy’s that allows rap music to continue to grow and develop. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.




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