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Today we sit down and talk to a rising star within the hip hop scene. His name is Roland. While on the surface Roland seems like an average regular name for an artist, he possess deep lyrical skills in his songs. While examining his music you will slowly find that Roland creates music with a message, and his mission is to captivate his audience with every tracks and have them view life from a different perspective.


After reading our interview with Roland you will get a better understanding of who he is and what his music is about. And also his views on topics that surround the hip hop culture.


HHP: Hello Roland Thanks For Joining Us For This Interview.


Roland: No Problem, I Appreciate The Invite.


HHP: So Our First Question Is When Did You Fall In Love With Hip Hop?


I fell in Love with Hip Hop when I was about 14 years old. I listened to it my whole life, but started writing when I was 14 or 15. It always took me away from any problem I was dealing with.


HHP: Yes, It’s Great How Music Can People People At Ease And Make Them Forget About Their Problems, Even if It’s momentarily. So Who Are Some Of Your Musical Influences Past And Present?


Roland: Growing up, Kanye West, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Eminem, more recently J Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Those are my favorite artists, but I listen to all Hip-Hop, always have.


HHP: That’s A great List. Knowing You Enjoy Listening to All Hip Hop, And Being Enraptured By The Hip Hop Culture; How Is The Hip Hop Movement In Your City, And What’s Being Done To Give It More Exposure?

Living in a small town in PA, nothing. It’s a college town, so the university students are the general Hip-Hop listeners. But aside from us, college students, not too many people even listen to Hip-hop.


HHP: We Hope That More Can Be Done In Your Town To Support Hip Hop. Let’s Get Into your Music. What Motivates You To Create Your Style Of Rapping?


Roland: Love’s a powerful message, and an important one. The most important I think.


HHP: And What Is Your Creative Process Like When Creating A New Project?

I mentally let go of anything that doesn’t let me progress as a person, and project what’s on my heart.


HHP: With Everyone And Their Gandmama Making Rap Music Today, How Do You Plan On Standing Out From The Crowd?


Roland: I feel it. Every time I’m in front of my mic, every rhyme I write, I feel it in my heart. I don’t have to sell my soul to sell records because I see that’s what a lot of people doing. Its getting played out. People got no choice but to look for something they can feel, and they gon feel it just like I do.


HHP: What Do You Think About Most Artist Sounding The Same In Rap Music? A lot Of Artist Have Taken On The Singing/Rapping Style, And Choose To Rap A Lot About Trapping. Do you Think It’s Fine Or There Needs To Be More Diverse Topics In Rap Songs?


Roland: It’s not fine because most of them don’t even do what they rap about. Even if they do though, what time of message and life style is that perpetuating? And even if you throw out the moral aspect, why say something that’s been said countless times? Music is art, creation of beauty. Some people shit ain’t creative.


HHP: Which Artist Indie or Major Would You Like To Collaborate With And Why?


J Cole. I can’t think of much of his work at all that I don’t enjoy listening to.


HHP: Which Producers In the Game Would You Like To Collaborate With?

Dj Mustard, Metro Boomin, and definitely 9th wonder.


HHP: All Three Of Those Producers Are Very talented And Have Their Own unique Styles. Good Picks. So What Is The Ultimate Goal You Want to Achieve As An Artist?


HHP: What Advice Would You Give To Other Up & Coming Artists That Has Worked For You So Far?


Roland: I would say check your motives. Did you wake up and start making music tryna get a check? Or because you love it. Gotta keep the love in the center of what you do.


HHP: And lastly, What Is The Ultimate Goal You Want to Achieve As An Artist?


Roland: I wanna show people the better part of life. I want people to know we don’t have to hurt when we don’t have money, and that love is everything while money’s just a piece of paper.



In conclusion, Roland is slowly expanding his presence by showcasing his music on a variety of popular music blogs, and also being interviews by various radio stations. Although he took making hip hop music serious in a relatively short time, he has proven to be disciplined in promoting and marketing his music for the world to hear.

Persistence is the key to achieving any goal, and if he keeps up this pace of delivering fresh musical content to his fans, he will definitely be a house hold name in hip hop very soon.


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