5 Ways To Get More Soundcloud Plays


One of the best platforms to showcase your music on is a music hosting website called Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a website where you can upload your music to and expose it to the visitors who come to the site in search of finding new music to listen to. This is a great way for you to showcase and promote your music to literally hundred of thousands of people.

What new artists struggle with is how to get more plays on their Soundcloud page. No plays simple mean that no one is listening to your music. And if no one is listening to your music then you can not make a new fan. And no fan leads to you generating no income from the sales of your music, merchandise, and concert tickets.

Below we have come up with 5 simple ways you can Get More Soundcloud Plays


1) Soundcloud Profile Setup

The first thing you should start with is having a good profile setup so people who eventually do search for you can find you easily. Be sure to have your profile username as your artist name. It is important to have a unique artist name. You don’t want to release an album or single and all the sales and downloads go to another artist with a name that sounds like or is spelled similar to yours.

Soundcloud Profile Picture

Having a profile picture that stands out and is unique is similarly important as having your username as your artist name. They say a picture says 1000 words. You want your main profile picture and the picture of your album and singles to interpret your songs. Be sure to upload good artwork for your songs, don’t cheat your fans out of viewing dope artwork. It will add to their viewing and playing experience on your page. Put together something eye catching to attract listeners.

Soundcloud accepts any images up to 2mb in size. For the best results, they recommend uploading a .jpg or .png of at least 800 pixels x 800 pixels. Square images look best for profile artwork.


2) Soundcloud Optimization

Most artist don’t know anything about optimization. And that’s cool we’re here to teach you about it. optimization is a technique used on content to hep it show up in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. you can use optimization so that you can show up easily within search engines leading to more views and plays from visitors who search for your music.

The main ingredient in optimization are called Keywords. Keywords are used in search engines to locate content that people are looking for. Your keywords can be your artist name and also words like “New Rap Music” “New Rap Songs on Souncloud” “New hip hop release from____(Input your name)”. try to use keywords you know people will be searching for in Google. You should also add these keywords to your song description and hashtags.



3) Promote Your Songs On More Recognized Accounts

This method has always been a great way for hip hop artists to get more plays on soundcloud. We always recommend it to our clients. What you do is search on Soundcloud for an a profile that uploads rap songs and gets thousands of plays and comments, and contact that person asking them to upload your music to their profile.

You can find these accounts by typing in the lasted rap song from your favorite artist. Soundcloud profiles will show up in the search results, all you have to do is contact them via soundcloud or by any other form of contact they leave. When you request an upload of your music be sincere, give them a good reason to upload your music. And please be talented! Send your best music and don’t waste your time if you sound average. These accounts want to upload the best music for their followers to listen to. If you’re music is accepted you will get thousands of plays and comments from the profile that has thousands of followers.


4) On Soundcloud Premier Account For Artists

This method allows you to Promote your songs to a wider audience. Promoted songs enable artists to share their content in the Streams of those who aren’t following them to get their name and sound out to a broader audience. Keep in mind that this is a paid feature and can only be used if you upgrade your Soundcloud Account To On Soundcloud


5) Promote Your Soundcloud Link On Social Media

The final way to get hear on soundcloud thus leading to more plays is to promote every one of the new songs you upload. If you don’t promote it no one will hear it. Distribute your new link on social media. not only yours but ask your friends on social media to do the same. This is how you leverage the distribution of your music so it can be played by thousands of people. Distribute and promote your music even offline. Do whatever you can do to get the attention of potential fans! And remember the golden rule from How To Promote Your Mixtape Online do not spam your timeline with your song link!





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