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Up and coming producers from all over the world come to this site to get information pertaining to music production, music production equipment, and advice on how to sell their beats. For us it’s a pleasure to give them this type of information and see them succeed in applying what they’re told.


One of the common questions we get is What Are The Best Websites To Sell Beats and of course us being in the music industry delivering our services to producers and artist have the right answer for that. Over the years we have seen many beat selling websites come and go. Many of the went through litigation for fraudulent acts, and many have shut down due to them making lots of money and nailing with their profits.


What we have done is put together a small list of the most popular and reputable beat selling websites of today. We give you the information so you can make an informed decision on which one you would like to sell your beats on.


rocbattle-sell-beats-onlineRoc Battle

Rocbattle was launched in 2006 by Grammy award winning producer “Rocwilder” and his business partner “Fat Fingers”.

Its main mission was to help develop the talent and skills of up and coming producers, and also give them a platform to sell their beats on.



This will allow them to make some money to re-invest into their craft, and also have as pocket change. It’s fair to say that Roc Battle has achieved that and more. It has been a platform where producers have earned thousands in income through selling their beats, and through prize money from beat battles.


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many producers who are not in the loop about things think that is no longer the place to sell beats. But we would have to say that opinion is false. In actuality Soundclick is still the top site to sell beats from. Why? Because it doesn’t only cater to selling hip hop beats like Roc Battle and other sites on the list.

This website allows producers from 17 different music genres to sell their beats. This draws in artists from all over the world to their site. This means they have a variety of producers promoting their websites to people who love every genre of music! This generates hundreds of thousands of people to in site traffic. Take advantage of that by registering to this site.


beatbrokerzBeat Brokers is next on our list. They are not as popular as the other best places to buy beats websites on our list, but they are steadily growing in clout. They have a great selection of beats to choose from, from very talented producers and they handle all the marketing and promotion for the site.

Their beat site populates high within the search engines such as google, Bing, and Yahoo for terms related to producers and selling and buying beats.



Shadowville is personally one of the sites I visit to listen to beats. I’m not a producer, but I love to listen to instruments. Many people over here at the office love the site as well so that’s telling you a lot. I love their crisp sounding professional sounding beats. They are all mixed down well and sound lively. They did a good job at finding great producers to deliver top notch beats to clients.

For those who have never heard of them I encourage you to visit their site and peep out what they got bangin’ and also feel free to register and upload your beats to the site for sale. Be sure to look over their Leasing And Exclusive Rights Section . Some sites will allow you to create your own, while others say you have to comply with theirs. Also check out their beat selling policy and fees. That goes with any of the websites, so you know what you’re getting into.



We have already mentioned this site in our MyFlashStore Website Review as one of the top websites to sell instrumentals from. MyflashStore states that since its inception producers have sold over $10 Million instrumentals through its website.

The online beat store has different plans that producers can choose from. From free to $19.99/Month. Please visit the site to see the different features that come with each one, and choose one that suits your budget and needs.


These sites should get you started in selling beats online. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to choose only one website to sell your beats on. You can choose all of them, or a few of the. The choice is really up to you. Don’t forget that selling beats from Your Own Music Website is also an option that you can consider. It’s always good to have a platform where you can showcase and sell all your music from.


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