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Many aspiring producers ask the question How Do Rap Producers Get Signed. They may already be putting in work, or want to work towards attaining that goal. Some producers have a goal of being independent and starting their own production label, which also can be beneficial in many ways.

In this article we will go over the steps it takes for a hip hop producer to get paid, and also start up their own production record label.



How To Start Your Rap Producer Career


Starting your producer career is just like any other career. You have to start from laying a solid foundation and building upon that. With most producers they start when they are young. it’s not rare for a producer to say he started making beats at 12-13 years old. if you love something you have to pursue it from a young age. Yes you can start in your 20’s but by then you have a lot of catching up to do.


As I mentioned in my previous post How To Become A Producer your first step is to get music production equipment. You need a laptop/desktop, audio interface, drum machine, music production software, and a MIDI or USB keyboard . Now a lot of producers have all of these equipment, and some just have the software, usb keyboard and laptop; and they make incredible music. It’s all up to you and your style of preference.



40 shabib-drakes-producerRaise Your Status As A Producer

This will definitely take a few years, but once you reach that known status you can then create more opportunities for yourself within the industry. The key is to go out there and grind.

You have to wake up everyday and work at producing great beats, and shopping them around to different management teams of artists and other producers. Yes other producers as well!



This is because it is common for major producers to get shopped beats from other producers, and work with them to broker beats to artists, or call them in to collaborate with them on their next projects.


To effectively promote yourself you have to get featured on Hip Hop Blogs, music magazines, radio, and media. You have to get your name out there by networking and connecting with professionals within the music industry. The more you network the more opportunity you will create for yourself.



4 Easy Ways To Make Rap Beats



Record Labels Looking For Producers


Record labels are always looking to sign producers to work with their in house production staff. They work as a unit to produce beats to the artists on the label. Getting sign to a record label is great because it will give you maximum exposure within the music industry, and allow you to work with artists on the label and even major artists outside of the label.


Again, In order to get signed, exposure is the key. You have to get out there and get on as many media outlets as you can. Don’t wait for a record label to come and discover you, because chances are they won’t. You have to get up off your ass and go get the recognition you need; make enough noise so record labels will become aware of who you are and start chasing you in order to get you to sign with them! There’s no other way for it to be done.


A word of advice is to be careful because record labels also sign producers to 360 Record Deals and that can put you at a great income disadvantage. it’s all up to you want you want. You often get what you negotiate.



producer contract agreementProducer Agreements For the Licensing and Sale of Beats

In one of the posts we featured a few months ago, we spoke about Leasing and Selling Beats Online and the proper contracts you should have in place to accomplish that task. It was one of our most successful features among the rap producers that visit our site.



One of the most vital keys to successfully making a beat purchase transaction is having the right contract signed. This is so that all the terms and conditions are laid out on paper and there is no confusion on what the artist is paying for, and what rights the producer is selling with his beats.


That’s why its good to know the Meaning of Leasing and Exclusive Rights for Beats My advice will be to brush up your knowledge skills on producer contracts and agreements before you start selling beats.



Standard Rate for Music Producers/Percentage


This question is often asked by up and coming producers. The truth is the percentage you receive off selling a peat, and hourly rate all depends on your situation. if you are working independently selling beats on your own from your own website you can charge any amount per beat. If you are on a 3rd party platform like one of the Best Beat Selling Websites then every time you sell a beat, a percentage will be taken from the sale by the owner of the site, and the rest of money will be sent to you.


If you sign a contract with a record label you can potentially be paid a variety of ways, it depends on what your contract stipulated. You can get paid by the hour, or get paid by salary. You can also earn points off of albums you producer for. The usual is 1-2 points. Points mean percentage. What I always tell producers is sit and think and ask themselves what they want in this stage of their career.


Do they want to sign to a label and get controlled and make a small amount of money from the beats they sell, or do they want to be their own boss and sell their own beats making the majority of the money. The choice is up to them. You can go online and search for Music Producer Contract PDF but most of them will differ from each other. Again there is no specific set amount, every producer gets paid differently based on their skills and situation.

Always remember your the talent who sits up for endless hours producing these beats. Have some common sense and think about the best situation for you at this point of your career. Don’t rush anything and sign away all your rights and income potential. Nothing wrong will gradually having success and slowly making money. But again, the chose is yours!




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