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There are many up and coming rappers that have been pushing their music independently and are now looking for ways to get signed to a record label. Even though the thought of being signed to a major is easier said than done, there are some things that you can do as an artist to draw you closer to signing on the dotted line.


Below is a few shorts ways on how you can get signed to your favorite record label.




1) Make Good Music


Yes. Once again this major step is never going to be overlooked. Without good music you will never last within the music industry. There are artist who make sub par music, but where are they now? Sub par music makes you a one or two hit wonder that’s all. in a couple of years no one will be talking about you. But those who take the time to make good quality music, they will last for decades.




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2) Get As Visible As You Can


In marketing we learn that visibility = Credibility. This simply means that the more visible you are, the more credibility you create for yourself. This rings true within the music industry. The more an artist is visible in the eyes of people, the more credible they become. Visibility in this sense would be getting yourself featured on Magazines, Radio, Blogs, Websites, TV and even Film.




3) Perform At More Shows



This is imperative to your success because not only will this help you become a better performer but it will also give you a chance to network your music.


At performance venues there are artists, producers and record label managers that you can network with in an effort to advance your career. If you perform well enough you may peek the interest of a manager and he’ll want to set up a meeting to talk about him managing you, and later on signing you to a major label.




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socialmedia4) Build Up Your Social Media Status

If you want to prove your popularity to a record label you are going to have to show and prove that you have a social media following.

This is because it is one of the primary things that record labels look for in an artist who has a social media following that is steadily growing day by day or week by week.



This allows them to analyze the success you are having and also allows them to devise a plan for you to sell music and merchandise to these followers.




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5) Provide Proof Of Music Sales


The final way rappers get signed; or better yet how you can get signed as a rapper, is to prove that you have already sold records on your own. The reason for this is because now a days record labels want to invest in an artist that has a guaranteed track record of success in music, merchandise and concert ticket sales.



If you can prove this they will indeed invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into you, because they know they will get their initial capital back plus any profits there after.



The game has changes, the artist now has to go out and prove himself first before the label will even take a look at him/her. A record label now acts as a bank or financier of an artist. The artist still has to put in work!




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