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This article is an outline on How To Become A Rapper. There are visitors to our site that want to know if they have all the fundamentals on how to become a rapper or if they are already pursuing this as a career want to know how to take things to the next level.

This post will give you advice if you’re thinking of becoming a rapper. This topic can really expand to 3 or 4 posts but I will keep it simple and straight forward in this article.


What It Takes To Be A Rapper


How To Become A Rapper At 13

To be perfectly honest the younger you start to rap the better it is for you. The reason for this is that most great artists start writing rhymes and rapping at a young age. It’s something that has always been in their blood. They’ve always had something spark within them that motivated them to start rapping.


Whether they had older siblings that played rap and was triggered by it. Or when they were in middle school and started listening to it, and decided to start writing it themselves. Whatever it was they had an inclination or a trigger that lead them to start writing rhymes on their own.


Another reason is that if you start young you have time to develop as an artist and your rhyming intelligence will increase significantly as you grow older. Also, your enthusiasm and the amount of ideas you have are endless. Putting those ideas into rap form will set you ahead of the game.


If you are in your teens or early 20’s that’s still fine. If you are in your 30’s pursuing a rap career it is still possible but you need to be steered the right way. Please read our article on When Do Rappers Start Rapping



become successful rappingHow To Be a Rapper For Beginners


Have Passion – You have to have a desire and be motivated to rap. Don’t become a rapper to get girls and buy fancy things because when you do get that then what?

You won’t feel fulfilled because your desire was placed on obtaining the wrong things and not getting fulfillment out of creating music, writing rhymes, or performing.

Let your passion for creating music drive you; not material things.








Constantly Be Creating – As an artist you constantly need to be creating music. If you have a true passion for it you will do so without your manager or fans telling you to drop something new. You should always be creating to get your new ideas on paper or your notepad in your phone.

It should be an exciting experience for you that will never die. Writing will help you develop as an artist and you will notice as the years go by how you’ve become better and better.

Always be creating and releasing music not only to feed the ears of your fans but do it because you enjoy the music creating process. Do it because you enjoy hearing an instrumental, writing rhymes to it, hearing the final product after the mixing and mastering, and releasing it for the world to hear.


Be Confident – Rappers are known to have confidence and swag. No one likes to listen to a rapper that has a boring personality. We are all drawn to a rapper who is confident, out-spoken, opinionated, and believes in his/her ability to make good music and rock a crowd.

You need that as a rapper or no one will pay attention to you. You don’t have to be cocky but be assertive and believe in your rap skills even if there are some people that don’t.

You’re also going to need confidence because in this game you will face a lot of rejection. your confidence and belief in yourself and music will allow you to withstand that rejection and continue to move on.



Be A Good Performer – This is a day in age where album sales are down significantly. The record label knows this so to recoup the money they spend on advertising and promoting your album you need to go on tour. I have seen it all when it comes to performing.

I’ve seen artists get bood off stage, get things thrown at them, and I’ve seen artists get their performing time cut short because they weren’t performing well.

All this can happen to you as well if you have poor performing skills. I call performing a skill because it’s something you have to develop. If you want to become a better performer you have to go out and perform every chance that you get. practice is the key to success.


Best Christian Rappers


Song Writing Skills – Now a days you can get someone to write a hit song for you. But the best artists in the world are able to pen their own songs. Not only will that help you develop your writing skills but more money will come your way as a writer, recording artist, and performer. You can expect bigger royalty checks if you can do all three.

Just like performing you become a better writer if you write everyday or every chance you get. If you get writer’s block that’s okay it’s normal, but don’t go more than 2 days without jotting something down or you will will continue on that path of not feeling motivated.


Tips For Rappers In The Studio



How To Start a Rap Career With No Money

I think that it’s hard to start a music career with no money due to the fact that there are things that need to be paid for in order for you to have a career as an artist. You need to pay for studio time, rap beats, art work for your album covers, artist website, the list goes on and on. If you have absolutely no money you can try to barter your way to the top.

Maybe ask to clean the studio in exchange for free recording time. It’s just hard to get around that you need some sort of pocket change to make things happen. I know artists don’t like to hear this but getting a job even if it’s part time will help in the long run.


How To Become A Successful Rap Artist

With anything in this world in order to obtain success you have to work hard for it. There is absolutely no substitute for hard work. I have’t see anyone achieve success with out it. If you think that you’re going to make it as a rap star without grinding and putting in work then you’re delusional. It’s just not going to happen.

Get up everyday and grind towards achieving your dreams. Don’t complain and don’t give up. There may be 100 set backs and days you feel like giving up; but don’t! If you’re serious about being successful push forward. Always practice performing, always wake up and write, and go our there and pursue your rap dreams relentlessly. There really is no other way!



rhyme dictionary


Rappers Rhyming Dictionary

If you are a true MCee rhyming well means the world to you. The words have to fit well within a sentence and make perfect sense; ff it doesn’t then you won’t use it. Skilled rappers choose not to waste words because they know a real tentative listener is studying and picking apart every sentence they write.

If you’re that type of rapper that takes rhyming seriously, or you’re a rapper starting out and need help with rhyming words then an online rhyming dictionary would be perfect for you. Check out the three links I’ve listed before.



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