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One of the things you’re going to want to do as a rap artist is build up your social media platforms. This means to keep up with adding fresh content to it on a daily basis in order to gain new followers,and also maintain the followers you already have. One of the issues artists face is building up their social media content. For example Instagram. Instagram is still one of the top social media platforms where you can build a massive fan base. in this article we will address how to get more Instagram followers and likes.This will help you get more popular on Instagram.


Build Up Your Instagram Content

First things first is to build up the content you have on Instagram. Your content consists of your profile account, Profile Pic, Artist information, contact and of course pictures and videos. Be sure to add intriguing content. Please keep in mind that you are not trying to attract everyone on the internet to your Instagram page. This is important. So many artist fail to realize the concept of targeted marketing. As an artist you ONLY want to attract those who enjoy your genre of music. Only those interested in your genre of music will be interested in hearing your music.

Post music and video clips of your songs, and also post content you like of those that you sound similar to within your genre. It will all connect nicely and be pleasurable to your followers.


Follow Artists With Similar Music Style

I know that this method has been stressed to you from everyone. But honestly it works. Follow someone on social media and instinctively they will follow you back. If the method isn’t broke don’t fix it 🙂 The reason why you want to follow artists with your similar style is because it is easier to connect with an artist that you share a similar sound with. And again, posting content from that artist is relevant to your followers. Don’t try to post music on your page that is out of the norm, it will throw off your followers and have them unfollow you. We are trying to get you to build and promote to a core audience. This is the easiest way to do so. You will not only be following popular artists but also up and coming artists that that have clout or are rising in popularity. Pay attention to who is rising in your city and follow them.


get-famous-on-instagramFollow The Followers Of Those Artists

Follow the followers of the artists that you just followed on Instagram. The reason for this that these followers will start following you and start listening to your music because you sound like the popular artist they’re currently listening to.


This always works! People love listen to an artist who has the same style as artists they’re already listening to. Fans of J. Cole listen to Kendrick Lamar, Talib Kwali and Common. Fans of Drake listen to Torey Lanez, The Weekend, Party Next Door and Bryson Tiller. Not to say they don’t listen to other artists within the genre, but they mostly listen to artists that have similar qualities, looks, styles and sounds. This is the psychology of people. They love and are attracted to familiarity. It makes them feel good. Follow the followers to get a follow back. if they find the familiarity in your music to the popular artist they will become your fans.


Engage In Conversation

Another great key to increase your Instagram followers is to engage in conversation. Many times artist sit back and wait for people to come to them. An easier way would be to go out there and find potential fans. Engage with them on topics about music. Comment on their pages, like their photos, provoke thought in a way that will start conversations. This will attract them to follow you to keep the dialog going.



Share Your Instagram Post Links

The final way to build a fanbase on Instagram is to promote your post link. Without promotion of your Instagram page you won’t be found. There is a right way and a wrong way to promote your link. And our number one rule as we said in our recent article How To Promote Your Mixtape Online is that you should never spam your link on your timeline. That will lead to people unfollowing you. Share your link with your friends, co-workers and close affiliates. Then share it with your followers and encourage them to repost it and share it with their followers. This is the right way to do things. And the more followers you have the more your Instagram link will spread. This is how you get good quality Instagram followers for free.

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