The Key To Leasing And Selling Beats Online


If we are going to be honest we’d have to say that the music producer is the backbone of hip hop. Without a beat or instrumental a rapper would have no music to rhyme over or perform to. The beat from the producer lays the foundation of a song, and the artist builds on top of that foundation by laying vocals over it.

Many of you are at the point where you want to sell your beats online, but don’t know how to go about doing it. And it’s nothing to be ashamed about because there is so much mis-information out there that can have you lost and clueless as to how to go about all this. Below we have simplified everything for you by giving you the information you need to get started with leasing and selling beats online right away.


Copyright Your Beat 

The first step before you even consider selling your beat to the public you should register it as copyright material. Yes Copyright Your Musical Work and If you have a partner who co-produced the instrumental with you, be sure to add his/her name. You don’t want the beat to sell and have your co-producer sue you for royalties not forwarded to him.

It can be a big legal mess. Give credit and profits to whoever helped you make the beat and keep what’s yours. You can register your works with your Performing Rights Agency and if you’re in a country where you don’t know which PRO agency governs the collection of your royalties click on List Of Performing Rights Organizations to get help.


sell-beats-on-facebookChoose Website To Sell Your Beats On

The second step is to decide on is which platform you would like to sell your music on. Now there is no right or wrong answer for this. it all depends on what you want to accomplish.





One thing you have to keep in mind is that if you upload and sell you beats on a site other than your own you HAVE to give a percentage of your final sales.

Even if someone leases your beat. That percentage fee is different from site to site so be sure to check their fee policy. Below are a list of where up and coming rap producers sell their beats.


Your own Website (Artist Website)


Choose Between Leasing And Selling Your Beats

Third on the list is to choose weather to lease or sell your beats. The option is totally whatever works best for you. Again, you should have a goal in mind from what you want to accomplish as a producer. Some sell their instrumentals, others only lease them, while some take the route of both leasing and selling their beats. Click the link to find out the Difference Between Leasing And Exclusive Beat Rights


beats-for-sale-on-rocbattlePromote Your Producer Website

The final stage in this whole process is the most important one. And that is to start promoting the platform on which you sell your instrumentals. Whether it’s your website or a third party website like the ones listed above. If you fail to promote your beats no one will ever know of them.


There are several ways you can promote your instrumentals and one of the main ways is Social Media Marketing. They key to your success is following and interacting with up and coming rap artists who need beats for their projects.

Another way is offline marketing. This is where you go to music conferences or hip hop performances within your city, and link up with rappers who need beats. You’re bound to get a sale if you try any of these methods. You have to go to where the rappers are! they will be your biggest clients.

Besides rappers you can look for individuals online who need instrumentals for their projects. These projects can be: commercials, video games, or even Youtube tutorial background music. You’re in the business of selling beats now. Unless you go out and market your services you will not sell any beats. Don’t starve yourself. Go out and get whats yours. Have fun and good luck!

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