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One of the most important elements that contributes to you success as a rapper, is your ability to get your music in front of as many people as possible. How Many is many? Well thousands, even millions if you can. You want to do this on a consistent basis. Consistency along with a good strategy can yield the best results for you.


Today we bring to you another music platform and tool you can use to reach out to your fans, and engage with them in a way that can have you generating a monthly income from them. This marketing/emailing platform is called FanBridge and it is one of the top emailing companies that artists and musicians use to connect with their fans.


FanBridge Email Marketing Services


FanBridge is a company that supplies email marketing tools for artists and musicians to connect with their fans. What makes FanBridge unique from other email marketing companies; besides them only catering to artists, is that they have integrated a number of features that will allow artists to grow their fan base, boost fan engagement, and monetize their fan relationships.


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fanbridge-pricingFanBridge Features Include:

Grow My Fan Base – Allows users to grow their fanbase through tools like Sign up forms, Facebook Fan Pages, and Fan Questions.

Sign up Forms – This tool allows fans on your site to subscribe to your newsletter or sign up to be contacted by you at a later day informing them of the sale of your new album, concert tickets, or merchandise.



Fan Action Page – This is called a Customizable Landing Page that you can place on your music website. On the landing page you can add elements such as a Sign Up Form, Events, and Fan Questions.


Email Campaigns – This platform allows you to set up messages to send out to your fans periodically. You get to set up how many days a week you would like to send these messages out and what time of the day. You can set it and forget it. This is the most easiest way to communicate with your fans without being in front of them.


Fan Questions – This is a questionnaire widget you can place on your Music Website, social media (Facebook Page or Tumblr) or your blog. When the questionnaire is submitted and sent to you, you can answer these questions in the next email you send out, or via text, or even place them on your site.



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Auto Posting To Social Media – This feature gives you a tool that allows you to post all of your messages to your social media pages with the click of one button. You can also schedule these posts to be released on whatever day and time you want them to be sent out.


Fan Incentive –
You can expand your emailing list but offering an incentive to your prospects or fans in exchange for their emailing address. For example, you can offer a new single for download, or something from your merchandise catalog in exchange fore your fan’s email address. You can also offer them something in exchange for liking your Facebook Fan page. This is a great way to increase the engagement between you and your fans on Facebook.


This feature also comes with what is called a “1 click email button” which automatically pulls their email from their Facebook page. You’re prospects or fans don’t have to fill out anything in this situation.


All these features create a solid system for you to turn prospects into fans, collect their information, follow up with them on a consistent bases, and try to capitalize on off the interaction you have with them. It’s definitely a recipe for success.








Pricing For FanBridge Products


FanBridge has 3 levels of pricing for their services, but keep in mind that you can test run their services for a 30 day trial to see if this platform is right for you.


The Prices Are As Follows:


Silver – 19.99/Month

Gold – 49.99/Month

Platinum – 199.99/Month


You can also find discount coupons for some of their plans they are called FanBridge Coupon Codes. Go and try it out for a reduced price in plans. If any of the prices are too high for you, as we know it may be for some struggling artists, you can try our recommended partner Benchmark Email Marketing. Registration is easy and they also have a free 30 day trial. Paid monthly prices start at $11.95.





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