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Today’s article I’m going to give tips for rappers who are heading to the studio to record their songs. These tips are going to be based on questions that were sent into us from artists in different countries. All tips and techniques can be applied in any studio around the world.This is a universal advice, but feel free to switch it up and make it your own. It’s all about being yourself and feeling as comfortable as possible.



rappers-in-the-studioWhat Should My Rapping Style Be On A Particular Song

Your rap style for a particular song should stem from the feeling you get from the song. Do you feel like straight rapping over it?

Do you feel like singing and rapping over it? What vibe do you get? Does the beat cause for you to be lyrical? Or more laid back having a chill flow over it?


It’s important to listen to the beat closely and come up with a rap style and flow that suits the feeling of the instrumental. Different beats cause for different styles, take time to catch the feeling, listen closely and it will all come to you.



What’s The Most Important Thing To Do Before Going To The Studio


The absolute most important thing to do before going to the studio, beside making sure you have your rhymes and the right instrumental, is to have your rhymes down pat. This means that you’ve practiced the songs over and over again until you can pretty much do it with ease when the real session starts in the studio. There is nothing worst than being in the studio with a rap artists that doesn’t know his/her music well.


Artist like this rap for 10 seconds then stop. Rap for 15 seconds and then stop because they’ve messed up. And this can go on and on until the song is over. Imagine being in the studio for a few hours or a full day with an artist like that. It’s very annoying! The best advice is practice until you get through your song a couple of times fully or at least half way. If you can remember the song before going in even better!







How To Rap Fast And Clear


Rapping fast and clear is difficult but not impossible. When rapping fast your speed of rhyming increases so you pronounce the syllables very fast. Some pronounce it fast but not entirely all the way. The key to fast rapping is using shorter words in a sentence rather than long words. The reason for this is because you can fit more words in a sentence if they’re shorter. Shorter words can make it easier for you when rapping fast than longer ones.


Basic Example 1: cat, rat, bat, gat, stack, black, jack, mat

Basic Example 2: My rhyming skills are magnificent, I’ve practiced enough to be proficient


In the above case which example would you think is easier to rap faster? Example 1 or 2? If you said example 1 you’re correct. As I said, the shorter words you have to pronounce the easier it will be for you to rhyme faster. You don’t have to use short basic rhyming words like I did in example 1, I was just giving you an example to prove a point. Try to use words that make sense and rhyme well.


When rhyming make sure the rhyming is quality, don’t put a bunch of words together because they rhyme. That’s what a wack rapper would do. Put words together that flow well and still make sense in the song.




How To Rap Fast Without Running Out Of Breath


This method will also take a lot of practice but once you get use to it, it will become easier and easier. The issue with rappers is that they rap from their throat. I’ve been in the studio many times with both major and independent artists and they all for the most part rap the same way; using their throat. Rapping and singing through your throat can cause a strain on it, that’s why a lot of artists who do that have throat problems.


When rapping you want to rap by inhaling and rapping/exhaling using your abdomen. Example: Stand up and inhale a breath. Now exhale using your stomach muscle. Push the air out of your body using your abdomen, slowly squeeze the air out. This is how you should be rapping.


When you rap like this no strain is put on your throat. So there is less coughing while doing a verse, and less soreness of the throat when you complete a song.


So you inhale and exhale through your stomach while you release the words of the rhyme. This is to be done whether you are rhyming fast or slow, and causes you not to loose breath as often as you would if you were rhyming from your through.




tips for rappers in studioRecording Tips For Rappers

When you are in the booth rhyming what you don’t want to do is be rapping at the side of your mouth. This usually happens when you are rapping and your face is turned to the side due to you looking at your phone or paper trying to read your rhymes.



This is bad because the mic can not pick up the full tone of your voice when rhyming. it’s going to sound like your far away from the mic and that’s not a good thing.


Instead align your mouth with the center piece of the mic, then raise your arm up directly in front of you and bend your arm slightly towards you, so you can read the words of your rhymes. If you have to turn your head a little do so, but what you will be doing is using your eyes to navigate sentence by sentence until the verse is completed.


If you find it easier to place your sheet of rhymes on a music sheet stand do so, but if you are rhyming from your phone follow what is mentioned above.


When you get more proficient in rhyming in the booth, you will be able to make small movement with your body and handsĀ  while rhyming and keep your mouth directly in front of the microphone. This takes practice and is a great accomplishment when you reach that level.



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