What Is A Performing Rights Organization

A Performing Rights Organization, also known as a PRO, is an organization that collects performing rights royalties on behalf of it’s members, music publishers, and composers. Once all the royalties are collected the PRO then deducts it’s service fees and sends the rest to it’s members.

Now this fee is not much so don’t let that bother you, registering to a Performing Rights Organization is essential to an artist because they are your connection to licensing your music and production to Tv, Film, theater, and Game production companies. They also help you collect fees from shows you perform at.

It would be extremely hard for you to call up these companies yourself and ask them to license your music, you need a professional and reputable company such as a PRO to be your liaison. There are other types of right including grand rights, master rights, and mechanical rights, but are not licensed by PRO’s. Performing Rights Organizations only license performing rights.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why A Musician Should Join A PRO

  • They help monitor your radio and show performances so you can get paid
  • The help to introduce you to many professionals within the music industry such as music managers, A&R’s, Producers, Publishers & artists
  • They help license your music to Tv, Film, Theater, and Game Companies
  • They hold occasional music seminar and summits that educate their members and music enthusiasts on the music industry
  • They help showcase your talent by holding occasional talent shows or music performance contests


So Which Performance Rights Association is The Best?

I always get asked which PRO is the best? Well as far as I know the well know PRO’s such as: Ascap, BMI, SOCAN etc. Are all reputable and have a superb track record. I’m sure that all the Performing Rights Societies in different countries are legit and reputable, but it’s up to you as a musician to do your own research. If you find that there are two reputable PRO’s in your country just choose one!

One isn’t better than the other just make a decision and go with it. Often we like to pick and choose but as far as I know there are a lot of good Pro’s out there and trying to compare them will only waste a lot of your time.

Here Is A List Of Performing Rights Organization

That’s it folks, go out their and register to a PRO today so you can get paid for your performances. 😀

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