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Many of you have aspirations of making music, gaining fame, and making loads of money. But do you actually know what it takes to be a rapper? Or do you know how long it takes to actually make it? The majority of people are looking from the outside and think that rappers who are not famous became so over night. Well the truth is there is no such thing as over night success. It’s just not true. These rappers if you listen to their story you will hear them say it took many years for them to become successful.


In this article we will address what it takes to become a rapper. We hope that you heed our advice and devise an action plan and execute it right away. The sooner you start, the closer you will become to attain star status as an entertainer.



Will, Determination and Passion

The first thing you need is the desire to become a rap artist. I’m not talking about waking up one day and saying to yourself you have to become a rapper because you think it’s an easy way out. That’s kind of lame. I’m talking about having that burning desire and passion within you to spit rhymes and made your story be told to the world! A passion that you’ve had for many years.


A passion within you that produces thoughts of become a successful rapper receiving awards, doing interviews, taking photos, shooting music videos and making loads of money. Not at first but loads of money will come eventually.



That burning desire that you wake up with everyday and won’t allow you to stop until you become known world wide. You need that in order to become a rapper or else you won’t make it. if you only feel like rapping once in a while, then you can forget about it. Go get a job at McDonalds, because rapping takes desire and dedication.


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rappers who made itMake Good Quality Music

Yes. For the umpteenth time we’ve mentioned this in many articles. You have to make good music in order to have a long lasting career. You may ook at artists out now and some of them have one or two hot singles on the radio, and are touring because of it.

And these songs don’t even make sense because the rappers are mumbling the whole song, only the beat and chorus is catchy. What you have to realize is that these rappers are going to be one hit wonders.


One hot song or hot album and that’s it. I want you to sit back and think how many rapper have been hot for the past 5 years, and all those rappers where are they now? A lot of them are working at Bestbuy or Dominos Pizza right now because they were only able to produce one hit! And because of it got dropped from their label. That’s not what you want. Don’t go for short term success, aim for longevity by creating good quality music. Think Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce, Lil Wayne these are artists that have lasted in the game because they know how to make smash hits, and their body of work is actually good!



Network & Promote Yourself

In order to get on platforms where you can be in front of millions of people at one time, you need to be able to network and promote yourself in the right way. You get music industry contacts you have to connect with people at music seminars and shows. You can also find contact information online if you do your research properly.


To get on radio, music magazines and hip hop blogs you have submit your EPK to them and try to follow up on the submission. A list of top hip hop blogs and contacts for magazines can be found on our site. Look it up through the search box.





Be Consistent & Persistent

This is a major key to making it as a rapper. You have to be consistent in your pursuit to stardom. This means dropping a new track every two weeks or twice a month! Or if you want to divide it up into an album or mixtape every 8 months. The way people consume music is different now.



If they don’t get fresh music from you often, they will actually forget about you! Don’t allow someone else to take your place. Drop music consistently like the major artists do in order to feed your fans. Again, the consumption of music has changed, and people want t hear new music all the time. Not only that they want to attend music concerts and see how you perform, so don’t forget to book your shows all year round. If you take a break it’s more than likely someone who is willing to grind harder than you, will take your spot!



Being persistent means always pushing forward and never giving up. You have to grind hard and keep pushing forward until something happens. To be honest it’s not going to take you less than 8-10 years to make it, so keep that in mind. Take a look at Drake, who started in 2007, he’s only now receiving his fame. It took french Montana 10 years to make it he started with the Coke Boyz DVDs now loo at him. Countless of rappers have told their stories and have said it has taken them close to a decade to make it. My advice is start from now and push forward! It’s now or never!




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