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Many up and coming producers always want to know if their favorite producer uses the same music producing software as them. They figure that if their favorite producer can make hits with a particular software so can they.


Today we received a question from an up and coming producer from Long Island, New York. He produces rap beats using Ableton Live and wanted to know how many rap producers actually use the same software.


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Rap Producers Don’t Use Ableton Live


Through our own research and connections to some of the top rap producers in the game, we found out that hip hop producers don’t use Ableton Live to produce beats.


Through research, we found that Ableton Live is more geared towards producers who create EDM. And if you search online you will find that Ableton is actually predominately marketed to EDM producers. 


Making Beats With Ableton Live



Producing Hip Hop In Ableton


This is not to say that you can’t create rap beats with the software, it’s just that no major producer uses it to do so.


You will find on Youtube a few old school rap producers like Ski and Dj Jazzy Jeff using Ableton but these two situations looks like they got paid to try out the software and launchpad. They used it as an endorsement. If you find that you are more comfortable using Ableton to produce your beats then continue to do so.


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So What Software Do Major Rap Producers Use?


Producers such as Dr. Dre, Guru, and Pharrell have been on record saying they use Protools as their main production interface to produce, record, mix and master their beats.


This in combination with production hardware. If you look on youtube you will see a bunch of drum machines, synthesizers, and live instruments in their studios.


Producers/rappers like J. Cole and Big K.R.I.T. have said they use Logic. Wonda Gurl and Boi 1nda have said in interviews they came up in the game using FL Studio and have produced some of their number 1 hits with it. If I’m not mistaken they still use it to this day.


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Ableton or FL Studio For Hip Hop Beats


There is always a comparison of music and sound when it comes to all aspects of the music industry. Is Jay-Z better than Nas? Is Tupac the greatest rapper of all times or is Biggie? One thing that producers compare to each other are production software and hardware.


Keeping up with our theme we delve into answering which software s better Ableton or FL Studio. The answer is either or. Honestly. I’ve heard some dope tracks produced by both these software and it really boils down to how skilled the producer is. Without the skills and creativity, the producer will always make poor sounding beats.


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Ableton Live Launchpad


Ableton allows you to use their software in conjunction with any MIDI controller out there, but they have also created what they call a “Launchpad” that you can use to create beats on. Both the software and hardware work well together.



In conclusion, I think that if you are capable of making rap beats in Ableton then go ahead. it was always good to be as diverse as you can as a producer.


Adding Ableton Live and the Launchpad to your arsenal would definitely be beneficial. Use whatever tools you can to enhance your production sound and skills!



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3 Responses to “Which Rap Producers Use Ableton?”

  1. Robert says:

    You forgot about the producers that use Maschine

  2. Robert Anderson says:

    what about the guy that use Maschine? ive seen a lot of DOPE producers like 9th wonder that use it

  3. admin says:

    No doubt. Rap producers who use Maschine are incredible. We will cover that in another topic, this one is only for those who use Ableton Live. But you’re right Maschine is used by a lot of top producers in the game.

    Thanks for commentinghttp://hiphoppush.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

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