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This post is dedicated to shouting out the Best Christian Rappers. The best Christian Rappers list was an idea I came up with because not enough of them get props for rapping about God or positivity for that matter.


I think that hip-hop culture is about balance and if we are going to glorify drugs, guns, violence, stealing, bitches, money, we should be as eager and willing to talk about uplifting people. Spreading positive vibes is needed for us to remain humane and do good in the world. All Christian rappers have a talent that shouldn’t be ignored and here are a few of them.


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Here is a list of the best Christian rappers


Lecrae Devaughn Moore known as by stage name Lecrae is probably the most famous American Christan rap artist. He is the president, co-owner and co-founder of the independent record label Reach Records, and the co-founder and president of the non-profit organization ReachLife Ministries.


Lecrae has received a number of awards including Artist of the Year and Best Gospel Artist. Out of everyone on the list he is the most prominent in his social activism and fight against social injustice.


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trip lee christian rapper



Trip Lee

William Lee Barefield III also known by stage name Trip Lee is an American Gospel rap artist from Dallas Texas. At the age of 14 Trip decided to give his life to Christ and became a born-again Christian. Since then he hasn’t stop spreading the word about Christ through his music or when teaching as a mentor for his youth group.


Lee signed with Lecrae’s Reach Records, and his debut album, If They Only Knew, in 2006. Since then he has gone on to release 5 more studio albums and has written and released 2 books.


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Andy Mineo - christian rap artist


Andy Mineo

Andrew Aaron “Andy” Mineo, known by his rap name Andy Mineo, is an American Christian hip hop artist. He was formerly known as C-Lite and had a very successful rap and producing career before he gave his life to Christ. Hearing “Price Tag” by Da T.R.U.T.H. (another gospel artist) was a turning point for the young rapper.


His first gospel rap music was released in 2009 entitled “Sin Is Wack”. Currently signed to Lecrae’s Reach Records and all together he has released 2 albums, 1 EP, and 2 mixtapes.





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Thi’sl gospel artist



Travis Tyler also known as gospel rapper “Thi’sl” has a mission: to make his biblical knowledge meet real people in their current realities. Thi’sl spent his former life in the streets heading towards a downward spiral. Looking at his life and realizing that he was heading nowhere fast living the gang life he decided to put his best foot forward and start living a better life.


Thi’sl is a big advocate for social justice. He spoke up publically about the Ferguson shooting where white cops killed an unarmed black man, and he also teamed up with Bubba Watson and donated $25,000 to repair vandalism and stolen technology at local Ferguson school Griffith Elementary.


To date Thi’sl has released 5 albums and he continues to make uplifting music and spreading the word of God.



solo christan rapper



Marcus Tyrone Gray known as FLAME by his stage name, is a Grammy-nominated American Christian hip hop recording artist. During his personal time, Flame initially wrote raps as devotionals to God then he turned his devotionals into songs.


In 2004, Flame released his debut album with Cross Movement Records. Since then, Flame released 3 more albums and launched his own record label, Clear Sight Music.


He is a very accomplished artist ad has been nominated for a number awards including the GMA Dove Awards, Stellar Award, ad Grammy Award. He currently has 8 studio albums.


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tobymac rap artist


Toby Mac

Kevin Michael McKeehan also known by stage name Toby is the most accomplished gospel rap artist on the list. This may be due to him being the oldest on the list and he’s also been making music the longest out of all of them.


In 2013 Mac ranked #1 in CCM Magazine’s 25 Most Important Artists Shaping Christian Music Today list. He is without a doubt one of the best-known names in all of Christian music.


He was first known for being a member of the Christian vocal trio DC Talk a few years later he took on a solo career. Between DC Talk and his own solo career, he has sold more than 10 million albums and won 7 Grammy Awards. TobyMac has had six No. 1 hit CHR singles.


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Female Christian Rappers

This list of female Christian rappers is needed because we often leave females out of all the best rapper lists, and in truth often times the females can out rap the males! So check out the list below and definitely support them any way you can.



Ms. Melody Monroe female gospel rapper


Ms. Melody Monroe

Ms. Melody Monroe. The Greensboro, N.C. native started her musical journey as a nine-year-old child with a passion for lyrics and piano. Growing up to the sounds of hip-hop, traditional gospel, and soul, Ms. Monroe has created a sound that incites the reminiscence of Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, and MC Lyte.

Her latest project “RETURN OF THE L.A.D.Y.” is a classic response to the abandonment of self-worth and value among women today. Known mostly for her spiritually conscious lyrics and versatility, Monroe has independently released three mixtapes and two singles.


Hillary Jane

Hillary Jane Ashton Stiles better known as her performing name Hillary Janewas born in texas. She’s a young 23 year old making her way through the music industry as a gospel rap/R&B artist. Sh has released two extended plays, Stix and Stones and Stix and Stones Unplugged, both in 2014, with Infiltrate Music.


CHH Female Cypher pt. 1 (@iamporshalove @speezlouise @ily_rap @ty_cage @lady_adamas @ChristianRapz)


in conclusion Christian hip hop has come a long way and for it to develop into the mainstream eyes and ears we need to help push it just like we do the commercial rap music that we listen to every day.

We already some major changes like more gospel rap being played on the radio and also Christian rappers getting into the rap battle arena and winning competitions. More of this needs to be displayed if hip-hop wants to remain diverse and well rounded. Continue to support all those Christian rappers who were on the list.



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