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College Entertainment Agencies play a vital role in bringing a variety of entertainment to colleges around the world. Just like there are entertainment agencies that provide talent to perform at colleges, there are agencies that provide entertainment for all levels of schooling. From Kindergarten right up to the University level.


When I say entertainment I mean a variety of things. Everything from comedy, music, dancing, art, motivational speaking, sports, magic shows etc. There is no limit to the type of entertainment you can bring to a college or other school.


Today I will go over the different popular College Entertainment Companies and how to get them to book their top talents to perform at your school.

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School Entertainment Committee

The majority of schools around the world have what they call and “Entertainment Committee” or “Arts & Entertainment Committee”. They are in charge of putting together different events within the school. In the case of our topic at hand this committee will find out their budget for the year and base on the amount will book entertainment to perform at the school. Everything has to meet their budget and going over that amount will set the school back financially.


The entertainment that the school committee is known to book are comedians, dancers, cultural performers, musicians, artists, speakers, and Dj’s. Before the artist or talent comes to perform all details including the location, time, date, auditorium size, capacity etc. needs to be send to the artist’s management first. The management will review it and based on the info set things up for his artists so things can run as smoothly as possible.


A contract is then signed and half the payment is sent to the management team as a diposit the the talent to show up, and the other half of the money is giving after the performance.




National Association for Campus Activities

If you are part of your school’s entertainment committee and need help booking acts to perform at your school you can always reach out to the National Association for Campus Activities. (NACA) is a non-profit organization that hosts events which showcase musical artists, comedians, stage shows, and a variety of other acts.

They will be in charge of contacting the talent (Associate members) and visiting your committee to help set things up for the performance. You can learn more about their organization by visiting their website link below.


College Concert Booking Agency

There are a few booking agencies to choose from so you will have to do your research on finding the best one suitable for your needs. When picking a booking agency you should consider a few things.


  • Reputability
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • A Full Scale List of Talent To Choose From
  • Ask For References
  • History In The Music Business
  • History With Performing In Schools
  • Testimony of Past Clients
  • Reasonable Pricing


Concert Booking Websites

The same goes with concert booking websites. You have to be careful and your homework on the company before doing business with them. There are many schools that fall victim to many false promises by certain booking companies and lose thousands of dollars to them. Go through the list above again when visiting these websites jus to make sure you are dealing with professions.

One site we can say for sure that is trusted to deliver on bringin rap artists to venues and schools is The Kenyatta Booking Agency over at



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