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In order to take your music career to the next level you’ll need to connect with a reputable Hip Hop Marketing Agency. A hip hop marketing agency will help handle all your marketing needs in an effort to give your music brand exposure. However, not all marketing agency are the same. there are some agencies that are equipped with the right tools to give your music maximum exposure, and some are not.


In this featured article we will go over what you should be looking for in a hip hop marketing agency and what we provide as a company to our clients.



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What Is A Marketing Agency?


A marketing agency is a company that helps you market your brand to give it maximum exposure in order for you to gain more recognition. The right marketing focuses on reaching out to your core audience (targeted marketing) so you can have the best results in product or service sales. In terms of music it would be to market your music and brand across platforms that are visited by music enthusiasts in an effort for you to create more fans, and sell more music and merchandise.




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Hip Hop Agents


Within a hip hop marketing agency you will find agents. The agents are hired by the company to work with the artist to achieve the goals laid out by the artist and agency. The thing that we run into often is that there are artists who go to agencies without any particular focus on goals or plans.


This in turn will have them pay for services that the agency will provide but the services will produce little results because there is no focus or goals at the end of the road. With our services we take our time to talk with our clients and set goals that we can work towards achieving.


Important Note: If you choose an agency make sure they are reputable and willing to sit down and talk to you about your music career goals. If they don’t know your plans they will deliver a poor service because you didn’t establish what you want them to achieve for you.



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hip hop marketing plan strategyHip Hop Marketing Plan

This leads us to our next topic on designing your marketing plan to give to the agency that’s working with you. It’s of great important that you have a vision of at least your short term goals so strategies can be implemented to help you achieve those goals.

Again, the issue is most artists rely on the agency to plan their goals and dictate where they should go. The problem with that is the artist might not like where the agency is steering the and it ends up being disastrous in the end.


What you need to keep in mind as an artist is that you are the client paying for the service so YOU have to dictate what happens in terms of your music being marketed. You have the money so you’re the boss it’s not the other way around. And don’t be afraid to act confident telling them your plans and doals for your career.


Although your the boss you can definitely ask the rap agency for pointers or their opinion on strategies, after all they’re the experts in this field. Their wisdom and experience will help elevate your exposure if they know what they’re doing.



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Hip Hop Marketing Strategies


Once your plan is in place it’s up to the agency to implement strategies to execute your plan. in order for them to do so efficiently they’re going to need to be equipped with a few things. Make sure the marketing company you’re working with has these things in place. It will give you an idea of how capable they are to perform the marketing tasks you give them.


  • Up To Date Marketing Tools
  • Online/Offline Marketing Strategies
  • Affiliates With Major Hip Hop Blog/Sites
  • Affiliates or Partners With Major Magazines
  • Affiliates With Mixtape Websites
  • Can Execute Social Media Strategies
  • Content Optimization For Your Artist Site
  • Online Sales Strategies For Music & Merchandise
  • Online Paid Advertising Strategies
  • Access To Media Such As TV & Radio
  • And a whole lot more.


Important Note: As long as they have the basics down you should be good to go. Don’t cheat yourself by hiring a company that doesn’t have a few of the things I’ve listed above. If you do you’ll only be wasting your time and money, and I know both are valuable to you.





The Best Hip Hop Marketing Agency


Hip Hop Push Media, Inc. – For the past 15 years we have been the go to company for artist promotion, music advice, PR Consulting and music marketing for independent record labels. Over the years we have grown and gained much recognition for our music media and promotional services. We have been featured in many urban publications such as XXL Magazine and Vibe Magazine, and has also received great reviews from many music blogs and websites.


Many record labels have sought our advice on marketing their artists and we have rose to the occasion every time. We posses the knowlesge – with over 15 years of experience, the contacts – with a list of radio stations, publications, hip hop blogs, mixtape websites, tv channels, the skills – we have strategized and executed marketing plans both digitally and offline that has made both record labels and artists millions of dollars.


All with the latest and effective marketing tools that cost us thousands of dollars to run and upkeep for all of our marketing campaigns. but it’s all worth it knowing that these tools not only make us money but it satisfies our customers and allows us to accomplish their goals of selling millions of records and merchandise.



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If you’re looking for a reputable and experiences hip hop marketing agency you have come to the right place. We’ll take care of you as a client and talk with you about your music career and plans to take it to the next level.  You can go from a local rapper and procer to an international sensation. For a free consultation on running a marketing campaign for your music please contact us now.


Email: hiphoppushpromo@gmail.com


Only those who are serious about become a rap star will be contacted via phone or be placed on a flight to have a meeting with us at our home office.




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