How Hip Hop Performs Against Other Genres of Music



It’s definitely an amazing time to be an artist in the music industry. Everything has changed drastically in music over the years, and if you are unable to adapt, you can very well get left in the dust. in this digital age fans are consuming music differently now. In the past vynal and CD purchases use to be at the forefront. Now digital and streaming sales lead the pack.


Knowing this information as can really help you with potentially increasing the sales of your next project release. For example, a study by Nielson Music was released last year about which genre of music sells the best on which platform. the platforms being vynal, cd’s, streaming or downloading.


They took all the major online retail outlets and put them up side by side for a comparison. As i said knowing this information can help you focus the promotion of your next release to a specific area, and analyze the results. It is definitely something to look at.


Here’s a breakdown of what percentage of revenues each genre generates from different platforms: streaming, downloading, and physical (CDs and vinyl).


Here Are The Genres That Perform Best on Streaming

(Percentage of overall sales within each genre that come from music platforms such as: Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer, Rhapsody, Tidal)


Genres That Perform Best on Downloads

(These are the percentage of overall sales within each genre that come from album downloads from iTunes, Amazon, et. al.)




Genres That Perform Best on CDs & Vinyl

(Here are the percentage of overall sales within each genre that come from CD and vinyl albums. No vinyl-only breakdown yet)




We believe that if you are well positioned after analyzing this data you can truly see some amazing results with your next project release. Good luck and let us know which methods work for you and which ones don’t.

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