When Do Rappers Start Rapping?


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We’re often asked by inquiring minds “When Do Rappers Start Rapping?”. This question is asked mostly by artists who are in their late 20’s to mid 30’s because they want an answer that assures them it’s never too late to pursue a rapping career.


Are You Too Old To Rap?


How old is too old to rap? My expert opinion is that you are never really too old to rap. As long as you make good music and can get people to connect with it that’s all that matters. If you are at a late age and plan to sell millions it still can be done.

You need to make good music that appeals to people and market your music in a way that creates fans. Creating fans is no easy task but if you are determined and have a solid team it can be done.

One quick advice, even if you’re not rapping for the money and fame it’s still good to make music because that’s what you love to do. You should never question how old you are or listen to people saying you’re too old to rap. If you love to make music and you use hip-hop as a creative outlet, then just do it! Or else you will look back at your life disappointed that you didn’t do what made you happy.


Starting A Rap Career At 30

Many artist freak out when they start to get older and don’t feel like they’re in a spot where they’re supposed to be in their career. They feel like at 30 they’re already supposed to be selling millions of records and doing an international tour.

But the truth is for some artists it takes a little longer to achieve that. And to be honest some artists will never achieve that famous status.




Some independent artists will remain so and sell enough music and concert tickets just to making a living. Meaning that they will make $35,000-$50,000 a year and never be millionaires or multi-millionaires. That’s just a fact. And as a late-blooming artist, you have to find it in your heart to accept that.

Not all rappers can be Jay-Z or Lil’ Wayne earning hundreds of millions a year. Starting a rap career at 30 may seem a little more challenging since at this time you may have a small family of your own, may be married or committed to a partner, have to work a 9-5 job, and most of all have bills to pay.

Most of your energy will be focused on that. If you don’t have some of the baggage I listed above then things will be a bit easier for you. You can blow up after 30 years old like many other rappers have.


My advice For Starting A Rap Career In Your 30’s

  • Make Good Music
  • Work hard at pushing your brand
  • Perform as often as possible
  • Try to get on tour with local rap acts
  • Get Featured on as many music blogs as you can
  • Get Featured in magazines and played on radio
  • Build a knowledgeable team around you
  • Do more tv and radio interviews
  • Go to music seminars to connect with industry people
  • Always look for opportunities to network
  • Never give up!


The important thing is that you never want to do this all by yourself. Build a team that can help you even if it’s family and friends at first. And always make contacts as you go along. Every dj that plays you or every producer you work with is a contact that may know someone higher up in the industry that can help you climb the ladder.


older rappersRappers Who Started Rapping Late

There use to be a time when rappers started making music at a young age and with any luck became famous by the time they were in their teens or early 20’s. Now we’re seeing more cases where rappers make it in the mid 20’s to early 30’s.




Below is a list of rappers and the age they started rapping or when they first dropped their first album.


Jay-Z (27)

Eminem (27)

Juicy J (27)

DMX (28)

Ice-T (29)

Danny Brown (30)

Action Bronson (30)

Rick Ross (30)

2 Chainz (33)

Ezhi (33)

Jay Electronica (34)


Best Rappers In Their 40’s

The old heads in the game would be considered those who are 40 years or older. And there are actually a few of them. These veterans without a doubt helped shape rap music.

  • Nas – 43
  • Jay Z – 47
  • Raekwon – 47
  • RZA – 47
  • Redman – 46
  • Methodman – 46
  • Eminem – 44
  • Dr. Dre – 51
  • Snoop Dogg – 45
  • Fat Joe – 46
  • Snoop Dogg – 45
  • Common – 45
  • Ghostface killah – 46
  • Big Boi – 42
  • Busta Rhymes – 44
  • Bun B – 43
  • MF Doom – 43
  • E40 – 49
  • Tech N9ne – 43
  • Q-Tip – 46


In conclusion, I think that it really doesn’t matter if you start rapping at 30+. If you have a passion to do it; then pursue it. Some of the famous rappers like Drake and Nicki Minaj are now approaching their mid 30’s! Don’t let your age discourage you. Go for it!

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