rappers who didn't go to college

Rappers Who Went To College or University

      There are several rappers who went to college. Some of them dropped out but even more graduated. There is this common perception that rap artists are not too intelligent, ...

Where Can I Sell My Mixtape Online?

    Today we received a question from an artist asking “Where Can I Sell My Mixtape Online?” If you’re an up and coming rap artist this is an important ...
late bloomer rapper

When Do Rappers Start Rapping?

    We’re often asked by inquiring minds “When Do Rappers Start Rapping?”. This question is asked mostly by artists who are in their late 20’s to ...
muslim rappers

Rappers That Are Muslim

    Since the early 90’s hip-hop fans have seen some indication of rapper’s that are Muslim. And as rap music progresses in age and continues to be the most dominant ...

Swizz Beatz Talks On How Record Labels Trick Artists

Swizz beatz gets interviewed on Drink Champs and goes into how record labels trick artists into thinking they’re owners when they’re not.
music and your emotions

How Does Music Affect Your Mood?

    We all know that music affects our mood in many ways. Different songs bring about different emotions within us. For example, listening to an upbeat song makes us smile ...
review of hip hop push media

Hip Hop Push Media Review – The Music Marketing Giant

    As our reputation continues to build and our brand continues to expand more media outlets are taking notice of our company. Recently Showbiz Watch did a review about ...
how to book rappers for shows

How Do Independent Rappers Book Shows?

        One of the many things independent artist struggle with is booking shows for themselves. In fact, some up and coming rap artist hire their friends to try ...
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