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Today we received a question from an artist asking “Where Can I Sell My Mixtape Online?” If you’re an up and coming rap artist this is an important question to have because you don’t want to place your mixtape on a platform where it has no visibility or won’t sell.


Many of you have uploaded your mixtape to Datpiff and that’s fine it may bring your music more exposure. But as we all know Datpiff does not pay up and coming artists to feature their mixtape on it’s platform, and it doesn’t provide artists with the opportunity to sell any of their music. In this article i’ll delve into the best place for artists to sell their mixtapes online.


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1) Online Retail Stores: Itunes, Spotify, Tidal


The best place without a doubt to sell your mixtape online are platforms where millions of people visit to search for music. These are called retail websites and the most popular ones are Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal etc. if your music is not placed on major music retail websites for sale then you can potentially be milling out on thousands of dollars.


The best way to get your music on websites like Itunes is through a distribution aggregation company because major music retail stores do not allow individuals to upload music to their sites. There are several of these companies that you can search for online.


2) Music Hosting Websites


Music hosting websites are platforms that host music for people to listen to. Think of it like Youtube but it only hosts music and not videos. These sites are visited by music lovers everyday and make thousands if not millions of music sales transactions every week. It would benefit you greatly to have your music selling on all of these sites. Some of the more popular music hosting sites that allow artists to sell music on their platform areĀ Reverbnation and Bandcamp you can upload and sell your mixtape or albums on these two sites.


How To Promote Your Mixtape Online



website dreamville3) Your Own Website

I know for a fact that not many artist actually sell music on their websites. In fact, you can’t find any major label artist that sell music on their website! They all use major online retail stores like Itunes.

One of the reasons for this is that record labels find it more easier and more lucrative to place their artist’s music on sites like Itunes. But for an indie artist it would serve you well because all the money that comes from the sales of your mixtape on your own website would come directly to you!



I have seen many up and coming artists profit greatly from selling their own mixtape on their own site and all it takes is a Paypal purchase button under their music. If you are interested in this method it would be a good idea to set up a Paypal account and learn how to turn your website into a site that allows ecommerce purchases.


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How To Sell Mixtapes Legally


If you are an artist and own the copyright to your music then you can sell your mixtape anyway thay you want to. The copyright owner has the right to do whatever they want with the music that they own. If you are a DJ wanting to sell the music of artists then things can get a bit tricky. As a Dj you do not own the copyright to the artist’s music so before you try and sell you you will need promission to do so.


If you don’t get permission and you get caught selling the mixtape online or offline on the streets you will get arrested and charged for illegally distributing and selling music you won no rights to. It is against the law! In order to sell an artist’s music you will have to get permission from the publisher and the owner of the sound recording. 9 times out of 10 the publisher will be a publishing company. The record labels gives up some or the majority of the music publishing to a publishing company for it to exploit the music on radio, tv, film, bars, and clubs.


The publishing company can be found by looking on the recording or music sheet, or searching through popular music publishing websites. The sound recording is always owned by the record label. The label owns the master copy of the recording so you would have to reach out to them.


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street mixtapes


How To Sell Mixtapes On The Street


As I stated in my first paragraph in order to sell music legally you have to be the owner of that music. if not you have to get permission from the person or entity that own the copyright and sound recording to the music. If you are an artist who owns all your music you can definitely sell it how you want. Just keep in mind that in some countries around the world in order to sell something on the street you need a vendor license. To know more about this license please do some research as it pertains to your city or state.


If you country requires you to get one then do so, if not then you’re good to go. Selling your mixtape on the street requires confidence, skill, and sales techniques. If you are shy I suggest you stay away from this method. You have to be bold enough to go up to people walking by and use sales methods and persuasion to get them to spend their hard earn cash on your mixtape.


You are going to be faced with a few rejections before you hear a yes and if you think you’re too high and mighty to hear someone say no to you then you really don’t need to be in this profession. Because I guarantee you that you will be rejected more than you are accepted in this music industry.


If you have to try and give people a discount. It’s a common sales technique that company’s use ot persuade prospects to buy their product. And remember that it’s a numbers game. You have to go through a bunch of no’s before you get that one yes. So be prepared to be outside for a few hours in order to make a real profit.


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