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Independent rap artist tips are given to the majority of visitors to our website. The rest of visitors are those who like to view music from up and coming artists. It’s a perfect marriage meant to be. Independent artists from all over the world seek our advice, and look for us to give them information that they can use to advance their rap careers.


In this article we will continue to give out free valuable information to independent rap artists in hopes that they take it and use it to further their music career. And if you’re a rapper reading this and know of others who can benefit from this, please pass on the link. As the old hip-hop saying goes “Each one Teach one”.


When Do Rappers Start Rapping?



What Is An independent Rap Artist?


An independent rap artists is someone who is not signed to a major record label. An independent rapper therefore has to do all the legwork involved in getting his music out to the world. This includes funding her own studio time, marketing the music, promotion of music and merchandise, selling venue tickets to her own show, and coming up with shoot the music video and to go on tour.


Even though the independent rapper has to do all the work to get herself out there, the rewards are tremendous. Some of them are, she still retains all the copyright to all of her music, owns the master recordings, and also gets paid the majority of money her music and merchandise generates.


Tips For Rappers In The Studio



How To Be A Successful Independent Artist


Passion – There are several ingredients that you need as a rapper to become successful. The first thing i would say is to have passion. You absolutely have to love what you do in order to keep going because if you see rapping as a job you won’t be motivated to do it consistently. You have to wake up every morning with a desire to write and create music or within a few months you will become bored and stop creating.


Another reason why you have to have passion is because you will need it to keep you motivated when it comes to looking for financial rewards, but not getting paid right away. Everyone knows that at first you will struggle as a rapper. You won’t be making any money but you will be putting in a whole lot in terms of buying studio time and instrumentals to rap over.


Your passion for making rap music will reassure you that you have to stay focused and do it for the love of the music knowing that getting paid will come later down the road.


Four Tips To Becoming A Better Rap Performer


Independent Recording Artist vs Major Record Label Artist



Networking – A big factor in become successful as an artist is networking. Too often I hear that artist want to blow up but not taking the right steps they need to get noticed. In order for people to know who you are you have to get out there and rub elbows with music lovers and music industry heavy weights.


This means you have to perform at shows, do artist collaborations, get on the radio, do magazine features, feature on rap blogs, do interviews, and go to music seminars.


Most of the artist I speak to always ask “Where do I find all these contacts for blogs, radio and performing venues?” Well it’s simple you would have to use Google and social media to look all this up. The information can easily be found on the internet. I suggest that you start reaching out to the contacts within your city and then when you get enough buzz locally, expand from there.


Alternatively you can contact us and we can give you information on music industry contacts. Email us at: Again, you have to network in order to be known. if no one knows who you are how do you expect to sell any records? You have to get up from your couch and go chase your dreams!


What It Takes To Be A Rapper


Chuck D & Master P Give Advice To Independent Artists (Oldie But Goodie)


Be Consistent – I’ve already written about this in a previous article entitled How To Become A Rapper. You have to be consistent with creating music and releasing it in order to please your fans.


When you’re on the come up you won’t have fans, but it’s a good idea to already have songs, mixtapes, and a few albums already out so when you do make a fan they have material to listen to. Always release up to date music to show people that you’re out making moves and that you’re committed to making music.


These are 3 important factors that will contribute to you becoming a successful independent artist. My last word of advice is to never give up. I see so many independent artist create a small buzz for themselves and give up because they feel like they should be bigger than what they are. You have to realize that success takes time.


The most successful artist didn’t make it over night no matter what you think. Look up Drake, Future heck even Jay-Z, it took them years before they got any recognition. So what makes you think that you’re any different? I hate to break it to you but you aren’t.


There is no over night success when it comes to being a music superstar. All of it takes time. I always say that if you want to be come a successful artist you have to be dedicated for 10 years or close to it to even see some real results!


This is not to discourage you but this is how it is. Everyone from Rick Ross to Kendrick Lamar to J. Cole. As I said just look up how many mixtapes, albums, or even singles they dropped before becoming popular. It was many! Don’t think that you will become successful without hard work because it simply doesn’t happen like that. The key is to make music, market it properly, and be consistent. Be patient and persistent and everything will fall into place.



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